Co-Sell Growth Manager

Netanya (Hybrid)

CONNACT is a specialized consulting company which helps technology companies establish, manage and optimize their multi-cloud partnership lifecycles with the leading cloud providers; AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. CONNACT works with B2B (mostly SaaS) tech companies in the cyber, AI and cloud infra space. 

Our focus is accelerating the partnerships between the start-up and the cloud vendor, to achieve the force-multiplier in sales that such alliance brings to the table. CONNACT acts as a trusted advisor to our partners on all cloud alliance matters. 

The Co-Sell Growth Manager plays a crucial role in driving top-of-the-funnel activity by establishing and nurturing strategic relationships with cloud providers. This position is responsible for generating high-quality leads and organizing engagements that increase the visibility and adoption of our cloud solutions, while also driving revenue growth through strategic initiatives and proactive sales efforts, ensuring consistent achievement of financial targets.


  • Manage and track engagement pipelines to ensure a consistent flow of high-quality leads at scale to increase revenue.
  • Research, create and execute sales campaigns to generate top-of-the-funnel activity.
  • Track and analyze campaigns, pipeline, and work processes to improve sales strategies and conversion rates, and create net new revenue.
  • Collaborate with the sales team of your customer to create targeted co-sell strategies and a successful sales funnel method to optimize lead handoff.
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with cloud providers to foster business and technical collaborations.
  • Strategize and execute plans to generate leads and enhance service visibility through effective collaborations with cloud ecosystems.


  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills. 
  • English – Proficient/Fluent. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of SaaS B2B models mainly in sales. 
  • Experience with Salesforce CRM and a high level of competence in Microsoft Suite products. 
  • Strong teamwork capabilities, alongside a highly motivated, ambitious, and proactive attitude. 
  • Self-motivated learner with a robust technological aptitude and the ability to independently acquire new skills. 
  • Capable of managing multiple complex projects simultaneously. 
  • Basic Excel skills, capable of handling large data sets, controlling tables and utilizing functions such as V-lookup. 
  • Exceptional independent research skills, able to innovate and derive meaningful insights from research. 

Performance Expectations

  • Consistently meet or exceed monthly and quarterly targets for new engagements and qualified leads. 
  • Ensure high levels of engagement and satisfaction among partners. 
  • Directly contribute to the company’s revenue goals through successful co-sell initiatives. 
  • Track progress, and provide regular updates to management on pipeline status, achievements, and strategic adjustments. 



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