Cloud Co Selling for Business Growth

Cloud co-selling is an amazing opportunity for business growth at scale. Cloud vendors leverage their position as trusted advisors to promote cloud services (ISVs), resulting in a win for everyone involved. Cloud vendors grow their network usage, ISVs increase revenue and market share…

By Yuval Chayu, May 01 2021
Cloud co selling

Cloud provider funding 101

By Jonathan Avital, Feb 10 2022

Did you know that all major cloud providers have partner funding programs? Learn how to focus your effort and secure cloud provider funding with ease

Co-selling roles and responsibilities

Co-Selling Roles and Responsibilities

By Jonathan Avital, Oct 05 2021

Cloud providers are among the biggest organizations in the world. They are comprised of countless different roles and stakeholders, with different agendas and motivations...

Co-Selling Layers

Understanding the Co-Selling Layers

By Noy Alcalay, Jul 20 2021

The cloud provider organizations are complex, and it isn’t always easy to understand how each layer can help you achieve your goals. We’ve broken it...

Co Sell challenges

4 Key Co-Sell Challenges
and How to Overcome Them​

By Jonathan Avital, Jun 10 2021

Independent Software Vendors can leverage cloud co-selling to create exponential growth. But there are also significant challenges in co-sell...